Hey Baby Will You Dust My Dreidle?


  1. On the Record:

    Seems Kathie Phang enjoys being on the Gretta show. Never took her as a Fox girl.

    Most interesting is that Phang keeps missing meetings at FAWL. According to Board Members Phang provides no reports or work as treasurer. Furthermore Phang misses meetings claiming poor little baby Charlote is sick, but does not miss a chance to go on The Record with Gretta. Allegedly Deb Baker is rather disappointed. So is most of the Board.

    Now go spin that DREIDEL!

  2. Happy 1st day of Hanukkah.

  3. @ 8:03 pm

    Uh, cause she's hotter and more articulate than anyone in FOUL in 36 years , you gotta hate?

    Don't hate the player. Lay off the chocolate. And leave hot alone.

    Go Phang!

  4. Cannot hate him for this: Super cool gesture on Aronfeld's part to honor the slain journalist.

  5. What can I say -- I'm fans of both Katie and Spence (not Gretta so much).

  6. Cruising the JCC again, are we?

  7. Sorry but Phang was sort of hot back at the start. She is no longer.

    Besides that post states lack of leadership, not beauty. On the beauty and articulate issue there are many beautiful and articulate attorneys at FAWL. Not the correct officers we must agree.

    Word is that Phang's true colors are showing. Much about only her and no one else. Her judgeship may be in big trouble thanks to the enemies she is making. Point made.


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