LGBT Discrimination Free!

Congratulations Miami-Dade!
In an 8-3 vote Tuesday night, the Miami-Dade County board of commissioners passed an ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on a person’s gender identity in housing, employment, and public accommodations. 
But the commisisoners’ decision was not without objection — nor did they reach it quickly. 
Critics came in droves, packing seats at Miami-Dade County Hall and waiting for hours to testify against the ordinance. More than 130 signed up to speak. Pastors, parents, teens, and seniors expressed particular concern that the measure would grant sexual predators a carte blanche to prowl women’s bathrooms. 
“There are cases of the deviants who will take advantage of this,” said Commissioner Esteban Bovo, who represents suburban Miami. He would only support the ordinance if it carved out an exception so it did not apply to transgender people using public bathrooms. “We have to be mindful of a segment of the population, who is probably a majority, who is very concerned with this issue,” he said. “It is a concern for the safety of their family.” 
But in the end, a majority of the commission rejected a bathroom amendment and sided with supporters of the ordinance, who characterized the measure as a basic civil right.
I have some news for the opponents of this measure. Homosexuals are already using the same restrooms as your children. There is almost never an issue because we're just going to take a piss. One of the best things about gay bars is that you can simply use the restroom with the shortest line. Ladies, this is a big advantage for you!

Over 50% of Florida's LGBT citizens are now protected from discrimination.


  1. Deviants taking advantage? This is an elected official in a major metropolitan city?


  2. There is a 71.9% chance that Esteban Bovo will be caught in his wife's undies with a male hooker in the next 6 years. Luckily his job will still be protected.

  3. It's almost 2015 and would you believe the ignorance spewing from the mouth of Esteban Bovo. Shameful prejudice.

  4. You are setting up a straw argument - as I read your post, he was speaking about men or women who are "transgender", which I assume to mean cross dressing until they have a permanent surgery.

    I do not think this is about sexual preference

  5. Eyeballing my big ten inch

  6. @1:36

    No, I'm not setting up a straw argument. I'm using a bit of levity to deal with a serious issue. Bathrooms are public places. This means actual perverts have access. By 'actual perverts' I mean people intent on violating other's privacy or engaging in public sexual behavior, possibly with minors. If someone is out to do that, do you really think that little "Ladies Room" sign on the door is going to deter them?

    Since that is the reality right now, it is Bovo who is playing with straw.

    Someone should use whichever bathroom they feel comfortable in. If you see a woman in the mens room or a man in the ladies room, and they are respectfully going about their business ignore them as you would anyone else.

    If someone is behaving inappropriately then take issue with it, and by it I mean their behavior, not their gender.

    This is how we live in the grownup world.


    Those are South Beach inches I imagine.

  7. Dude, guys and girls should not have to use the same bathrooms at the same time.

    A woman has a right to expect when she goes in the ladies room, she is not going have a person pissing in the stall next to her, or adjusting his junk (don't touch my junk) while she puts on make up.

    A dude has a right to go piss with and not worry that the person next to him is checking out his wee wee.

    This has nothing to do with sexual preference.

  8. You have the right not to be spied upon, harassed, or molested. It is none of your business what is hanging between the legs (or not) of the person next to you.

    We already have 'family' restrooms that allow both genders. Progressive establishments all over the world have unisex bathrooms. It's not shocking.

    As it is my wee wee is checked out all the time in restrooms. I take it as a compliment. Also, primitive outdated sexual hangups are primitive and outdated.


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