Mars Needs Judges (Florida Does Too)!

The Florida Supreme Court issued its yearly plea for more judges in order to properly operate our failing judicial system (it will be ignored as usual):
Many of our chief judges express concern about delay associated with obtaining hearing times. In some circuits, dockets are so full that it takes several weeks to schedule a hearing. Similarly, lengthy hearings and jury trials must be scheduled months in advance. Judges continue to report to their chief judges that they are increasingly challenged to devote adequate time to hearings due to increased volume. Case complexity, more and lengthier hearings, and crowded dockets all contribute to court delay.

Our judges also continue to absorb the work previously performed by case managers, law clerks, magistrates, and other supplemental support staff lost in the budget reductions of recent years.3 Most of these positions provided direct case management, legal research, and adjudicatory support to our judges. The consensus among chief judges is that loss of support staff translates into slower case processing times, congested dockets, and long waits to access judicial calendars.
In Miami-Dade they certified a need for eight county court judges, but no circuit court judges.


  1. Much of the civil docket would clear up if lawyers learned to use 768.79 effectively.


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