Pamela Jo* Bondi

If nothing happens, gay marriage is coming to Florida January 6th, 2015.

35 states have marriage equality and the final 15 holdouts are on shaky ground. The question is not if, but when it will happen here in Florida. Efforts are already underway to make Florida a gay marriage destination with the potential to bring millions of dollars into local economies.

But if Pamela Jo* Bondi has anything to say about it that day will never come and she will do everything in her power to stop it. Cue this blather of claptrap that your friendly neighborhood Godwhacker has condensed as follows:
Dear Uncle Clarence, 
As I sit here in my third marriage and you sit there in your interracial marriage, once also banned by petty laws and restrictions, let us not embrace the idiocy or the irony of our hypocrisy. We must take this bold stand against homo-fascism and protect the sanctity of Florida's laws, unless those laws protect the environment, require transparency, or in any way conflict with the dictates of our corporate overlords or the backwards prejudices of our ignorant base. 
Meanwhile the villagers are not buying it.

The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by an evil Jo.*

*Spanish pronunciation.


  1. Ja ja ja Godwhacker!

  2. What a shitshow. Haven't Thomas and Scalia dissented in other orders denying stays in other states which now have SSM?


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