Weed-Whacker Report

There have been a few significant developments with marijuana laws recently. 
  • The Department of Justice outlined new policies to allow the sale and cultivation of marijuana on Native American lands.
  • Cromnibus moved to block outright marijuana legalization in Washington D.C.
  • Cromnibus provided broad protections to states that legalize medical and recreational marijuana. 
  • Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization.
Hey Nebraska and Oklahoma Republicans, whatever happened to state's rights?

Meanwhile my soon to be legally married husband and I wish you all a very happy and joyful solstice! We'll be hanging with our buddy Bruce*!

*The 1970s T.V. show The Incredible Hulk changed the name of the main character "Bruce Banner" to "David Banner" because Bruce was considered a stereotypically gay name. Betty will be crushed!


  1. Now I understand! Batman was actually gay!!! "Meanwhile, back at Wayne Manor."

  2. A confirmed bachelor in the 60s running around the city in colorful tights? He might as well be Tony Randall!

  3. True fact, my husband and I wore our Superman and Green Lantern t-shirts for our original commitment ceremony back in 2000.


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