3d DCA Watch -- Wednesday Morning Coming Down.

Hi kids it's that time when the bunker once again intrudes right into the middle of our work week.

And they don't even ask or anything!

Ok, let's humor them and listen politely to what they have to say so we can get back to work:

Gonzalez v. Barrenechea:

Judge Suarez' dissent is so good they printed it twice!

(Better click quickly before they correct it.)

Miccosukee Tribe v. Bermudez:

Rare tribal victory on taxable costs issue.

American Heritage v. Morales:

Basically don't drink and do anything, or the insurer will apply the alcohol exclusion and deny your claim.

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. What's next, an exclusion for lysergic acid diethylamide and assless leather chaps?

    My day is ruined! Oh look, candy!

  2. Me loving the Huckabee

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  4. @4:06

    I'd get tested for STDs.

  5. So, in sum: Bermudez, the man whose wife was killed and son injured by a drunk tribe member in a car accident and who has a $4+ million judgment, now owes the tribe over $70,000. Might be the correct legal ruling, but, wow, what a terrible result.

  6. You get what you pay for .....hire a sorry or pair of civil lawyers making side deals with the adverse party (tribe) to your detriment and that's what happens. .....plus it was a slam dunk case and they fuxkwd it up. 3 million is a slip and fall. Shitty hack lawyers.

  7. How is this type of unholy ménage à trois of colluding attorneys, of adverse parties, to the detriment of the client, permitted in the practice of law???


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