Q & A With Spencer Aronfeld (Now With Moderate Facial Hair!)

I have a few cruise ship questions:

1.  Can I die boarding the ship?

2.  Can I die while rolling at the craps table?

3.  Can I die on the waterslide?

4.  Can I die while snorkeling?

5.  Can I die from eating a frittata off the midnight buffet?

6.  Can I die while sleeping peacefully in my cabin?

(I'm sure there are others.)


  1. Can i die by watching these videos?

  2. When will Bravo give him a reality show? Seriously, Aronfeld 24/7. Hello Andy Cohen?

  3. I adore him. What other lawyer in Miami does this kind of thing? Seriously, Aronfeld 24/7 on Bravo!


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