Should Airplanes Be Traveling Garbage Cans? According to the Airlines -- YES!

Air travel has truly deteriorated from the days when boozy men pinched stewardesses people wore suits and airplanes were actually clean.

Now on summary judgment airlines file sworn statements that accumulated garbage, trash and debris on the floor are all just part of the travel experience:
The parties’ submissions highlight a seemingly disputed factual issue: to what extent, in terms of volume, timing and from whose perspective, it was unexpected or unusual on Continental or United flights and in the airline industry in March 2012 for there to be trash or debris, including paper or plastic items, on the cabin floor and aisles during a transatlantic flight. Defendant has submitted declarations from career flight attendants and from United’s director of inflight safety services and relies on the depositions on several other career flight attendants to the effect that it is common throughout a flight – including on the specific Houston to London route flown by United 34 – for paper or plastic (as well as other) trash to be dropped on the aircraft floor by passengers, that such trash routinely migrates to (or is placed in) the aisles, and that flight attendants are not required to and do not routinely or always remove that trash within a specified or an immediate timeframe.
And we're darn proud of that fact!

(Fly the filthy skies?)


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