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The Latest Big Shot Lawyer Sexual Harassment Suit!

The Intrepid Onefound a doozy of a sexual harassment case against a prominent local lawyer and his national law firm:
A former Fort Lauderdale legal secretary at Arnstein & Lehr is suing the Chicago-based law firm, alleging sexual harassment by the office's former managing partner, Alan Kipnis.

The lawsuit filed Dec. 27 and assigned to U.S. District Judge William Dimitrouleas alleges violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Florida Whistleblower Act. It was filed after the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a notice of right to sue.

Arnstein & Lehr chairman Jeff Shapiro in Miami denied the allegations and said the firm would fight them vigorously.

"We did an investigation way back when—this goes back some time ago—and we found there was no basis for any liability," he said.

Kipnis, now a partner in the Miami office and co-chair of Arnstein & Lehr's bank group, declined comment, citing pending litigation.
The allegations -- remember, they are only allegations!! -- in the complaint are salacious indeed:
Kipnis often spoke about his sex life to Storani, saying things like: "Your husband is a lucky guy. I bet you still give him blow jobs. My wife won't give me blow jobs anymore," according to the suit.

He also said, "I'll know when I've lost enough weight when I can see my penis" and "If I was 30 years younger, what I would do to you."

According to the suit, Kipnis had Storani inject him in the buttocks with vitamin B-12 because his wife refused.

Kipnis spoke to Storani about the sex life of another law firm partner, saying the partner could not perform sexually and fathered a child by another partner's secretary, according to the suit.

Storani said Kipnis instructed her to hire only young, attractive staffers.
A few points here -- well, I better not go there.

But there's lots in the complaint that are even worse.

If there is any truth to even a portion of this, it's depressing.

Leaving aside the sexual harassment allegations, I was troubled by the allegations about the demanding and/or abusive nature of the work, including rearranging work schedules etc. to deal with a "particular" partner's allegedly idiosyncratic work habits.

There's got to be a better way.


  1. Home Alone-- Love that film!

    Happy Almost Friday, SFL.

  2. PS: He couldn't have taken the B-12 shots in the arm?

  3. Even if one of the allegations in the complaint is true, the guy is a Total. Fucking. Asshole.

  4. Congrats Arnstein & Lehr. This story is now national.


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