These Boots Are Training Lawyers to Be Docents!

It's a new year and I've decided to "accentuate the positive" with a heartwarming story about a guy who just wants to share his art:
Miami attorney Alan Kluger has turned his law office into an art museum with renowned contemporary Latin American paintings, sculpture and photography.

While displaying art in law offices is nothing new, Kluger's collection is so impressive that it's like a retrospective art show unto itself.

He has plans to open the office of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine on weekends to tour groups, targeting family members of those in Miami to attend various conventions. Kluger is already contacting nearby hotels.

"We are going to train lawyers and their spouses to be docents and give tours of the art collection," he said.
Why the hail not?

(The mere practice of law is overrated.)

Let me try out for the job:  "The bathrooms are located straight ahead to your right."

Oh I kid -- the guy's got chutzpah and we need more -- not less -- art in the world.

I say "good on you."


  1. NRBQ's version of the song, particularly live, is one of the best. Big Al belting out the sermon blows the roof off.

  2. Did Pacenti write this to troll SFL?

  3. So sad to see Pacenti go. No federal court reporter with any judgment or neutrality left. No writer left who judges and lawyers trust. Maybe Ovalle will step up and fill that void.

  4. What a beautiful, clear day today.


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