Watch The FL Supremes Give Out Pro Bono Awards Live!

It's why we all do it, isn't it?

Oh I kid, these folks are mensches, representing the best our profession has to offer, and are role models to all you youngsters too busy posting pictures of your food.

Watch it live at 3:30 p.m. today.

Here's one highly notable recipient:  John Koyzak:
The Tobias Simon award was created in 1982 and is believed to be the first of its kind in the country conferring recognition by a state's highest court on a private lawyer for voluntary, free legal services to the poor. A permanent plaque listing the names of all award recipients hangs in the lawyers' lounge of the Supreme Court in Tallahassee. 
John will receive his award at the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday, January 29th at 3:30 p.m. The award ceremony will be streamed live at
I really want to see John saunter down the red carpet.

Congrats to John and all the worthy recipients!


  1. Why are so many lawyers U2 fans?

  2. Someone is in twuble!

    Bar card go bye-bye.

  3. Oye Pepe , your big mouth with that brown shaded stache is so quiet . Should we meet at la academia ? Not so hood, pear boy.

  4. Pobrecito, lol. 3.

  5. I have no idea who deserves the award but there's plenty of solos leaving the office unattended by licensed counsel to do those pro bono projects emailed every few weeks for some pro se, usually 1983, filing.

  6. @ 2:09 ...

    For the same reason so many lawyers of wine, vacation, money and sex.


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