Who Coddles Radical Isalm?

This is normally the kind of issue that I would have covered on my own blog back in the day, but there is a legitimate legal angle here, so let's go.

In my previous post, The Nexus of Hate and Anger, I lampooned Fox News for inventing their own facts – namely that President Obama has failed to call the recent terrorist attacks in France 'terrorism' – an observably false accusation, easily proven false by the president's own words.

Deflection is a key propaganda tactic and Fox News is great at it! Running against a decorated war hero with a party-boy, AWOL cheerleader on your ticket??? No problem, attack his patriotism and service!

So when you're a massive 'news' organization partially owned by a prominent member of the Saudi royal family, the same Saudi royal family who funded the 9/11 hijackers and still funds radical Islam all over the globe, point the finger at anyone and everyone but yourselves.
In Sarasota, Florida, a federal judge is reviewing 80,000 pages of documents that relate to a prominent Saudi family and its extensive contacts with three of the hijackers when they attended flight school in Sarasota. 
The family abruptly left the U.S. for Saudi Arabia a few days before the attacks, leaving dinner on the table and a brand new car in the driveway “as though they’d been tipped something was going to happen, and they’d better not be in the country,” said Graham. One member of the family is described as a high-level adviser to the Saudi royal family. The FBI initially rebuffed a Freedom of Information request about the case, Graham said, prompting him to observe that the “pervasive pattern of covering up” the Saudi role in 9/11 extends to all U.S. institutions. 
When the 800-page Senate report was made public in 2002, Graham recalled that he and Republican Sen. Richard Shelby were “shocked to see an important chapter in the report has been redacted.” All but three Senate Democrats, joined by one Republican and one independent, signed a letter calling on President Bush to declassify the 28-page section detailing the role of foreign governments in bankrolling the 9/11 attackers. 
I could go further. I could link to the 1999 Project for a New American Century document laying out neoconservative plans for redrawing the Middle East. I could highlight the part pining for a "new Pearl Harbor level event" to catalyze public sentiment in favor of extensive military actions. Then, seriatim,  to the unredacted 9/11 report which shows that Bush family allies in the Saudi government financing just such an attack on our country right at the time when Bozo and company came to power.

And all of that would sound like radical conspiracy theory were it not for the fact that everything I just stated is a matter of public record.  The Bush/FoxNews ties to the Saudis isn't some fabricated conspiracy theory, it's documented fact.

Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones.