3d DCA Watch -- "All-Day" Seminar Time!

You kids don't want to miss this:
On Friday, February 6, 2015, the Third District Court of Appeal will host an all-day seminar presented by the Florida Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Committee and Appellate Practice Section, and the Dade County Bar Association, entitled “Practicing Before the Third DCA.” For more information please contact the Appellate Section of the Florida Bar.
Yep, they really do know how to grab you with that "all-day" teaser --  if it was a half-day seminar I might have blown it off, but "all-day" in the bunker -- where do I sign up???

BTW, if for some reason you don't have an entire work day to hang out by MetroZoo, I've condensed the day's teachings into three simple, easy-to-remember words:

"Genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!"

In other news, this kinda happened:

M.W. v. SPCP:

Hey, what do you know -- Florida does have something to be proud of, after all:
The plaintiff faces a high, almost insurmountable standard of review. When it comes to vacating defaults, Florida has a long and proud tradition of favoring adjudicating cases on the merits and setting aside defaults. As part of this tradition, Florida law holds that a trial judge’s decision to vacate a default can be overturned only upon a showing of a “gross abuse of discretion.”

It's almost like precedent, except not so much.


  1. Coming headline in tomorrow's DBR: "Judge Eig Does Not Commit Gross Abuse of Discretion: Local Lawyers Perplexed"

  2. Egregious and abhorrent.


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