3d DCA Watch -- Just What Aventura Needs: Two New High-Rises in the Middle of Biscayne Bay!

Slim pickings from the Resplendently Robed Ones this week -- let's take a look:

Club Mediterranee v. Fitzpatrick:

Club Med thinks an employee who was raped on their property should be bound by an arbitration clause.

Nice resort you got there.

Also, trial judges need to do more than a "perfunctory" Kinney analysis (but you already knew that).

Two Islands v. Clarke:

Does anyone in Aventura government drive around the city?

How many more high-density residential projects can they build there?

I guess at least two more (this one's in the middle of Biscayne Bay).

Note to buyers -- get a unit on a high floor (you'll thank me later).


  1. Thank you for making chicken salad from the usual chicken shit. You used the perfect amount of Hellmans and diced celery.

  2. Ditto. Good job SFL.

  3. Word. Dis blog is da shit when sfl posts.


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