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Duh Dude: Stoned Drivers are Safer!

No one should ever drive intoxicated on anything. But apparently, if we could magically replace all the drunk drivers with stoned drivers we'd save a lot of lives.
A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that drivers who use marijuana are at a significantly lower risk for a crash than drivers who use alcohol. And after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, drivers who tested positive for marijuana  were no more likely to crash than those who had not used any drugs or alcohol prior to driving.

For marijuana, and for a number of other legal and illegal drugs including antidepressants, painkillers, stimulants and the like, there is no statistically significant change in the risk of a crash associated with using that drug prior to driving. But overall alcohol use, measured at a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) threshold of 0.05 or above, increases your odds of a wreck nearly seven-fold.

The study's findings underscore an important point: that the measurable presence of THC (marijuana's primary active ingredient) in a person's system doesn't correlate with impairment in the same way that blood alcohol concentration does. The NHTSA doesn't mince words: "At the current time, specific drug concentration levels cannot be reliably equated with a specific degree of driver impairment."
This is just one more reason we should not fear medical marijuana or recreational marijuana legalization.


  1. You are either a moron or liar - THC stays in the system for 30 days - you can smoke on Sunday and get in an accident on Friday and yes, THC will be in your system, but you will not be impaired at the time of the accident.

    When you find a study that measures accidents invoving people who are under the influence of pot at the time of the accident - post about it.

    Until then, quit being an idiot...or better yet, go over and speak to a FHP officer and ask them about what it looks like to cut dead children out of an automobile after a kid who has been smoking pot causes an accident.

  2. You call me a moron, but I think that label belongs to you 4:46 for not reading the very first part of my statement. "No one should ever drive intoxicated on anything."

    That said, marijuana doesn't cause the same level of impairment as alcohol. Never has, never will. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agrees with me! XO

  3. 4:46 = douche bag. or troll. or both.

    The idea that you would respond to the posting of the results of a study by calling someone (who didn't participate in the study) an idiot and then evoke tragedy with no discernible aim (other than to be a dick) strikes of Fox News style refusal to think. You just didn't like what was said and so you reflexively attacked. That, sir, is evidence of a weak and/or lazy mind.

  4. Another and perhaps more comprehensive study shows a 2 fold increase in accident risk with stoned drivers versus an 8 to 9 fold increase in accident risk with a drunk drivers. Again, weed is safer.

    Trolls are part of the joys of blogging 5:28!

  5. You are celebrating that twice as many people will be involved in car accidents when they are stoned -

    So therefore, let's legalize pot and get even more people high because it is not as dangerous as alcohol?

    You have obviously never had the experience of having a loved one killed by an impaired driver.

    If this is an argument for legalization - yes, you are a moron.

    You argument is the equivalent of saying that because gay dudes boffing each other unprotected are only twice as likely to catch aids compared to gay dudes sharing a needle, who are 8 times more likely...therefore, let's get rid of condoms! YA!

  6. I love the way you put words in my mouth 6:13. What else would you like to put there? I have to warn you that my teeth are razor sharp.

    I'm not making a stoned driving v. not stoned driving argument buffoon. I'm making a stoned driving v. drunk driving argument, and that translates into roughly 75% less DUI accidents and subsequently 75% less fatalities.

    Last time I checked alcohol was legal and marijuana mostly isn't. How does that make sense given these numbers?

    I understand that this is a complex concept. Perhaps something over at would be more your speed.

  7. When Godwhacker reads a troll for filth it makes me moist.

  8. Dude, people smoking the weeds on top of people drinking equals more accidents, not fewer.

  9. @8:08

    That's probably true. But my point is "instead of" not "in addition to." You're making a different point. If you take a salt shaker full of cocaine and a sheet of blotter acid that'll probably mix things up too. Mainline some horse to finish it off. Wear a blindfold!


    Tally tally tally!

  10. I'll take 100 stoners returning from a Phish concert to 100 drunk Canes fans returning from Sun Life any day.


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