Fisher Island Litigation Update -- Now the Lawyers Have Their Own "Groups"!

Will there ever be peace on tony Fisher Island?

Will the Knicks ever make it to the playoffs again?

I think we know the answer to these questions:
The groups are named after the lead attorneys representing them. The representatives of the Redmond Group include Patricia Redmond of Stearns Weaver Miller Weissler Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A. and Martin Russo of Gusrae Kaplan & Nusbaum, PLLC. The Zeltser Group is represented by Emanuel Zeltser of Sternik & Zeltser and Darin DiBello of DiBello & Lopez, P.A.
That is so adorable!

Bankruptcy lawyers with their own "groups" -- just like the Sharks and the Jets!

Which side has the better outfits -- and who can do stylized, highly choreographed fight routines better?


  1. tony fisher island?

  2. One of the finest opening sequences on film!

  3. Redmond Group clearly has the more stylish outfits.


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