Pre-Gaming Tonight's Big FBA Judicial Reception Blowout!

Yes folks it's your opportunity to travel at rush hour in monsoon conditions to a perfectly restored circa-1989 Hyatt, where over 700 lawyers and judges that you loathe will be gathered to engage in major tuches lecker with those they perceive to be above them, while scorning or outright dismissing those not worthy of minor small talk over the carefully rationed carrot and onion dip.

Hmm, did that come out more jaded than I intended?

Actually it's a very nice event where you will probably see someone you genuinely like (or at least are mildly indifferent to) and possibly even admire, so practice your humblebrag networking skills, dust off those decades-old war stories charming anecdotes, and prepare to lie your arse off about your practice have a festive time in a collegial setting.

Hey, I'm being (half) serious -- see you there!


  1. Very nicely done.

  2. Not on your life.

  3. The older I get, the more staying home with my cat is the preferable option.

  4. Ditto - except its my dog....


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