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The Celibacy Challenge!

Gay men can now give blood, but there's an absurd stipulation.

You can find the petition here.


  1. Aren't certain stds more common amongst gay men than everyone else? What do you propose, screening for them prior to donation and then permitting it?

  2. This blog is no longer sfl .

  3. This blog should change its name to the Gay Law Blog. 90% of your posts are about gay rights. Who gives a shit?! It's Black History Month. Talk about prominent gay African Americans! That would be a little different than your typical "two gay cowboys eating pudding" BS!

  4. Why do I think that 10:17, 10:42, and 6:06 aren't different people? And yes, I'm sure that the commenter(s) would really love to talk about Black History!

  5. I bet they(he) was turned on by the video and now they(he) has to cleanse themselves(himself) by complaining about how offended they are by all this open gayness.

    Sad creature really.

    If you watch the video and listen to the words (not just the pictures) it says that screening should be done by risk, which would include promiscuity, rather than orientation. An std free monogamous gay person posses no more inherent risk than an std free monogamous heterosexual person.

  6. Gay and bisexual men are more likely to have STD's and AIDS than other members of the general population. That is a scientific and statistical fact. I thought you lib/progressive types where all about science. What gives?

  7. @9:12

    I know people like you want to pretend that there is something inherently toxic about man on man sex. But that's just bullshit. I can bang my husband all day long without any risk of catching anything because we are in a monogamous relationship.

    Of course for generations gay men couldn't be openly married to their loves as I am today so they were forced into backrooms and bathhouses for release.

    People like you would torment us into the shadows and then use the consequences of that to prove our inherent inferiority.

    Well f-you. Your game is up.

  8. Right... as if all the gay dudes at the local glory-hole or bath house are searching for husbands.

  9. @3:10 PM

    I've never used a glory-hole in my life and you seem far more familiar with the scene than I am. Good luck! LOL!

  10. Sounds like he's handing out a lot of numbers and not getting any calls back GW!

  11. True that 5:22! Maybe he needs a new brand of mouthwash or deodorant. Both?

  12. Now that there is marriage for all I am sure my gay brothers and sisters will quickly Learn about celibacy. Marriage breeds it. Welcome to the party.

  13. On New Year's Day my husband looked at me and said '2014 was a very good year.' 'Yes it was,' I said. 'We made enormous progress on gay rights.' 'That's not what I mean,' he said. 'We had sex almost every night.'

    This spring we'll be together 15 years.


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