The Struggle is Real.

This may be a reach, but does anyone remember the old TV roundtable discussions on the law that included retired Justice Potter Stewart?

It aired on PBS in the early 80s, and was called The Constitution:  That Delicate Balance.

I was riveted by the program, the variety and character of the guests, the Trumanesque fair-mindedness of Justice Stewart, the humor and intellect of Professors Nesson and Miller.

They tackled important constitutional and political issues forthrightly but in an engaging, highly entertaining fashion.

I would say that show -- along perhaps with Steve Allen's brilliant Meeting of the Minds and of course Buckley's Firing Line -- were formative influences and led me on the path of becoming a lawyer and understanding what it means to be an advocate and professional.

Hmm, looking back I guess I watched a lot of Channel 2 (hey, there were only 4 channels!).

Sheesh, what has become of our discourse?

Reading Roy Black's Facebook page is a descent into madness.  Not because of Roy's provocative, often insightful observations, but the quick turn in the comments to trolling, insults, meanness and stupidity.

Is it lame to complain about the loss of public intellectuals and the inability to have meaningful debates over matters of great public importance?

I guess, but you know things are bad when you can't even get Cleopatra and Hitler into a room anymore for a nice dinner and some polite conversation!


  1. You do a good job - I liked the original crossfire

  2. You do a GREAT job SFL. Great forum you have provided for us.

  3. @11:53-- He's awesome!!

  4. The problem is that, in effort to gain advantage, political factions in this country have stopped looking at each other as the opposing side and started treating each other as the enemy.

    Look at this bullshit with Pat Boone today. Obama is going to empty the jails of murderers because he hates America.

    Where is the middle ground on that argument?

    If you don't like Obama's policies that's fine. If you think he's out to destroy us, you're a moron.

    There. Now I am that which I complain about.

  5. GW I liked Pat Boone in Journey to the Center of the Earth, though he got outclassed by James Mason.

    So he does have that going for him.

  6. You light up my life!

  7. Ah yes! Who can ever forget that golden age of TV civility between such highbrow intellects. An age when personalities, ideology, and (GASP!!) sexual preference all gave way to mutual respect and reasoned debate on the issues of the day. No cursing or threats of violence for these elite purveyors of wisdom! To prove my point, check out this video. Skip to the ten minute mark when the sparks begin to fly.!/Obituary

  8. Sorry. I pasted the obituary for Kieran Fallon. Here is the correct link.

  9. I like journey


  10. Crypto-Nazi? I thought Buckley was quite open about it.

  11. STL, I was (and am) a huge fan of both. That clip is like watching The Thing and Hulk tee off, or Spidey and Superman. Bring it!


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