An interesting hypothesis.
In 1920, marijuana was legal in British Columbia, but alcohol was not. What if that was still the law today?

Can we imagine a parallel world where alcohol prohibition never ended, and marijuana prohibition never began?

In that world, perhaps the RCMP have vapor lounges in their headquarters, where officers relax and enjoy using some marijuana after a busy day raiding brew-ops and busting illicit drinkers.
In that world, provincial politicians promote B.C.'s vibrant marijuana industry, posing with brand-name joints of B.C. bud, while also calling for longer sentences against brew-ops and wine dealers, to protect youth against the dangers of liquor.

Police and journalists in that parallel universe would always refer to alcohol as "the date rape drug" because of its inebriating effects. Newspaper headlines would trumpet the latest brew-op bust, and police would report on how many gallons of the dangerous date-rape drug, liquor, had been taken off the streets.

In that world, high-quality marijuana products would be grown on farms and sold in a store, so most people wouldn't bother growing their own. Some families would have a few plants in the backyard garden, and the occasional dedicated hobbyist might grow a small garden indoors under lights, but it would not be a public concern.
I concur with the conclusion.
Even though marijuana is safer than alcohol, that's not the world I want to live in. I want to live in a world where adults are free to make their own responsible choices - a world where people who make the choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol are given equal treatment under the law.

Alcohol can be fun and enjoyable, and so can marijuana. The best way to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of either substance is with reasonable rules and regulations to protect public safety and personal health.


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