3d DCA Watch -- That Delicately Cured Meat from the City of Canals Has Been Broughten!

Let's get this pity bunker party started with a bang:

Frau v. JP Morgan:



Bymal v. BoA:

This is a curious way to start an opinion:
Albertelli Law represented Bank of America in the proceedings below, and Bymel served Albertelli Law with his notice of appeal. This Court issued an order directing Bank of America to file an answer brief within ten days from the date of the order or be precluded from filing a brief and/or presenting an oral argument. Bank of America failed to file an answer brief as directed by this Court. Thereafter, this Court issued an order precluding Bank of America from filing an answer brief or presenting an oral argument unless otherwise ordered, but allowed Bank of America to file a memorandum of points and authorities in support of its position. As of this date, Bank of America has not filed anything in this appeal.
Ok, can someone explain how that could happen?

Russell v. Leaders Bank:

Great, just what we needed -- more "clarity" on offers of judgment:
As the law relating to offers of settlement has developed, best practice has come to dictate that a party who conditions an offer of settlement on receipt of a release, even the well understood and usually non-controversial general release, should attach the proposed release to the offer lest the offer be deemed “ambiguous” under the “nonmonetary terms” particularity requirement of Rule 1.442(c)(2)(D). However, failure to attach the release is not necessarily fatal.
Everyone got that?

Rollet v. Gwenaelle:

Judge Emas brought the Venetian Salami and it tastes oh so good!

Carry on, jurisdictional meat lovers!


  1. Another great post, SFL. Albertelli Law better get the carrier on the line.

  2. I love citing Venetian Salami (and Harry Pepper).

  3. Nice Salami SFL! But I bet you hear that all the time!

  4. You linked to the wrong Russell opinion.


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