3d DCA Watch -- And Then There Was One.

How exciting!

Today is the day when the bunker is supposed to be answering all the important legal questions that keep us up at night, pointing us in the right direction through clear and concise legal prose, and providing grateful trial judges much needed guidance as they grind it out in the trenches.

Or they can just do this:

And this:

(The mechanical room is still not co-ed!)

Regardless, they only pumped out one civil opinion this week.

Back at it denizens -- summer's right around the corner!


  1. Rosa Rodriguez, reversed again! Pobrecita.

  2. chicken shit + SFL = chicken salad

  3. Another fantastic post by SFL. Also, so sloppy on the trial level.

  4. Love Rosa.. No nonsense. Takes no shit and awards fees and costs when games are played.

  5. I gotta get into these appeal with attorneys fees and all.

  6. Rosa is the worst judge at 73 W. Flagler. She's NEVER on time. She's rude, condescending & dumb. She will not get reelected. Plus, her track record with the JQC will have her off the bench ASAP.

  7. 11:02, I'm guessing you are a sloppy , dilatory lawyer whose conduct and tactics were not tolerated by Judge Rodriguez. She is extremely intelligent. At every hearing I have had before her she had already read all of the pleadings, done the research and was prepared to discuss the issues. I have only seen her pleasant and courteous, but she will not tolerate a fool. And by the way, there is zero chance of her not being re-elected.


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