Are You a Manly Male at GT? Congratulations You've Made Partner!

Of course that's an unfair headline, but I'm pretty sure that little underdog of a firm can take it -- but what about the actual headline in today's DBR:

Greenberg Traurig New Partner Gender Split in South Florida--17 Men, 1 Woman

Umm, congratulations?

Why do the facts hate women?

But I'm sure there's a very reasonable explanation:
"We are committed to a diverse workplace in Greenberg Traurig," he said. "We have many female attorneys in top leadership positions both in South Florida and firmwide. Our annual election of new partners is based on a system of meritocracy. While we always strive to provide opportunities for a diverse group of attorneys, each year that number may fluctuate based on the pool of candidates under consideration."
Lots of my friends are women?

I'm kidding -- this is undoubtedly completely the way it just happened to work out this year -- but are there underlying structural issues here that need to be addressed?

Maybe next year we'll see 17 women, 1 man and that's just how these numbers tend to fluctuate.


  1. Someone seems to prefer penis.

  2. Greenberg is full of it and they know it.

  3. it only means that women can be powerful as men..
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