Carol "Jodie" Breece, Broward Inspector General "Ethics" Counsel, Has Had It With the Hispanics!

The Intrepid One covers the four-way to fill Judge Genden's circuit court seat here. And she really got the candidates to open up and provide insight into their qualifications and motivations!

This heart-felt sentiment from Carol "Jodie" Breece is right out of the Jackie Schwartz playbook is sure to get CABA's attention!

I don't buy into the fact that only Hispanics can win an election in Miami...A strong candidate with excellent experience and someone ready to be a good judge can be elected.

Jodie, Jodie, Jodie.

This ain't Jodie first rodeo, neither. In 2012 she filed to run for county court but with drew her name because "[I]t was a last minute 'thing'." That sounds smart. The withdrawing thing, I mean. Not the last minute thing.

"Jodie" has bounced around from job to job worked as a state attorney, ran her own "law firm", worked in "litigation support", and served as "ethics" counsel in Rumpole's favorite backwater Broward.

"Jodie" is running against Raul Perez-Ceballos, Elena Ortega-Tauler and Oscar Rodriguez-Fonts.

Ortega-Tauler let her campaign manager do the talking, Oscar was smart enough to keep his mouth shut unavailable for comment and Perez-Ceballos said "I like to read and I like to write, that's why I want to be a judge." Makes sense to me. I like to eat, drink and "be merry," and I want to be a pirate.

Good luck to all the candidates!


  1. Also, I just realized that with my newly hyphenated Jewish/Hispanic last name I could be a player in South Florida politics!

    If only I could stop calling people "Douche Bags."

  2. She needs to get Hizzoner Peter "Camacho" Adrien's playbook.


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