Cruise Ship Nightmares -- Now With More Spencer Aronfeld!

My bud Spence thinks it's a cruise ship nightmare if you fall overboard -- I'd say it's his admonition at the end of the clip that's the real nightmare:  taking a cruise sober.

Pick your poison, I guess.


  1. "Honey, our cruise is next week. Are we ready?"

    "Not yet sweetie. Lets log on to Spencer Aronfeld's you tube channel and see what he has to say."

    "No need pumpkin pie, I have his new book "So You're Going On A Cruise."

    (opens book) "Look baby cakes, there's a checklist. Lets go down the list."

    "Sun block?"
    "Check, check and he he he…Check."
    "Oh baby, you are in the mood."
    "Lets look at chapter seventeen- avoiding pirates and sexual assault."
    "No wait, chapter twenty two- terrorists and dirty bombs."
    "No how about this, chapter seven- so you've fallen overboard at two am, what do you do?"
    "Great. I'll open the wine, you read."
    "It's two am and you've had your fourth kir royal and you are on the lido deck and a rogue wave hits the ship and suddenly you're in the cold Caribbean sea surrounded my phosphorescent photo-plankton. What do you do? First, don't panic. second, if your cell phone is still working pull it out, if you have followed my directions in chapter six, then our law office is number one on your speed dial and if you get a signal, then hit for "I've fallen overboard and want rescue so I can sue the cruise ship."
    "Honey, have we programed our cell phone?"
    "Doing it right now."
    "Turn to chapter sixty four- oysters, the buffet and food poisoning. What to do when you an get out of the bathroom…."

  2. Really great stuff.

  3. That is so good, mate. SFL needs to give you guest-blogging privileges.

  4. Thank you guys, and I'd like to thank the academy, and MOM, and the guys at DreamWorks and of course Steven Spielberg but really only one person makes this possible, and of course he is the humble lawyer in the red and green striped sports coat with the blue pants, madras shirt and rakish yellow hanky in the sports coat standing in front of an IPhone on Ponce as traffic wizzes by. Without him, none of this is possible.

  5. Call Spencer now.... so he can immediately refer your case out to a real attorney.


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