Happy Monday -- Duane Morris Is Filled With Oligarchs!

We all know Judge Olson pulls no punches and suffers no fool oligarch gladly:
Olson issued an interim sanction in January barring Duane Morris partner Lida Rodriguez-Taseff from practicing in the Southern District of Florida's bankruptcy court for 90 days. At that time, he also issued an order against fellow partner Kevin Vance, who faced a similar penalty over an electronically filed court document that contradicted the judge's oral instructions.
"The tone of Duane Morris' pleading in this case reflects what I would conceive of as a self-satisfied smugness, full of self-congratulatory blather—all to the effect that the firm is a great corporate citizen who did nothing wrong in this case," the Fort Lauderdale judge said from the bench Friday. "Duane Morris may be a great corporate citizen in some of the markets in which it practices. Its conduct and attitude here is that it neither cares about being or being seen as a responsible corporate citizen in the Southern District of Florida."
 Ouch -- except he's not done:
"The firm represents that its errors in this case were the result of pure incompetence and not malevolence. It was of course, by all appearances, perfectly willing to throw Ms. Guillou under the bus knowing full well that I would never sanction a paralegal," he said. "As for the senior partner who directed that her underlings upload as agreed an order that was neither agreed nor consistent with the court's ruling—indeed directly contrary to the court's ruling—I have been informed of no sanction which the firm has imposed on Ms. Rodriguez-Taseff, giving me the distinct impression the firm's oligarchs enjoy impunity."
Ok, quick note -- pretty much all Big Firm Oligarchs enjoy impunity -- it's one of the perks of being an oligarch!

In other news, somebody's riding with the king:


  1. Those two people walking in the back ground with arms swinging in unison could not have been in more lockstep then if they were storm troopers.

  2. "I've accepted Rodriguez-Taseff's apology without believing the explanation," said Messana, who accused her of continuing to participate in the bankruptcy case despite Olson's sanction.

    Umm Mr. Messana that's a dickwad thing to say. its your right to accept the apology or not, but if you do. . . then STFU

  3. Her staff uploaded the wrong order? What's the big deal?

  4. Without question, the most helpful douchbag video he ever made. I do want to know what kind of ride that is.

  5. What's up w the lips ?

  6. Looks like my boy is sporting a classic MB SL. I cannot get a handle on the year, but knowing Spenny it has to be something in the 80s.

    Still the 1.


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