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How's That Fancy New Downtown Office Building Working Out?

So I understand you have to park in Fort Lauderdale and walk about twenty miles if you want to get anywhere near downtown Miami this weekend:
Good morning, Miami — hope you're not planning on driving anywhere today! Let's review just a few of the interesting things that are happening in your city today: The Miami Open, one of the world's most popular tennis tournaments, continues with early round play in Key Biscayne. Critical Mass, the monthly group bicycle ride, rolls out of downtown at 7:15 tonight. And oh yeah, there's also that little electronic dance party called Ultra kicking off this afternoon at Bayfront Park. 
Then you've got some kid concert Saturday, Wicked, and a Heat game Sunday.

So if you already had trouble parking at that huge office building they built in the middle of an existing traffic jam, you might as well just stay home and think about how $43 per square foot space could go to partner salaries.

Oh yeah -- happy Friday!


  1. There's also Cleveland Orchestra AND Wicked tonight at Arscht, just to put the icing on the clusterfuck. I fucking hate this.

  2. you old farts should move to peoria - no events/traffic problems there

  3. Not sure what freaked me out more today. Driving to work in Ultra traffic or just seeing this headline on the DBR website which caused coffee to dribble out of my open mouth: "With 29 Years on Bench, Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely Proves She Belongs There"

  4. Keys!!!! An early Gibson in your honor!


  5. Silly mortals with their corporal forms and antiquated transportation issues. The journey is the destination.

  6. No way Judge Cardonne-Ely has been on bench for 29 years.

  7. She's been a judge for 29 years total. Total amount of time spent "on the bench" is 14 hours, 37 minutes.

  8. First world problems.


  9. Love, love, love the duet between Arianna Grande & The Weeknd-- "Love Me Harder."

    Happy Friday,SFL!

  10. Spencer"s WorldMarch 27, 2015 at 4:16 PM

    We have offices located conveniently in Coral Gables well away from the madness of downtown. So If you need PI lawyers to say, sue Ultra, we are standing by ready to sue.

  11. Cardonne..wish someone would run against her.

  12. 1:42 is wrong on the 14 hours. Pizzi will get a ruling sometime in the next milennium.

  13. RE: little electronic dance party called Ultra.

    All the top DJs will be there & most of them are from Europe- Guetta, Tiesto.....Euro music baby!!


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