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John Shubin Cleans Out His Inbox?

Don't worry, it takes me a while to get through my emails too:
Last week, to her surprise, Miami City Attorney Victoria Méndez received an email from a lawyer representing Fernandez in his quest to build a 425-foot flag pole in Museum Park as a tribute to U.S. veterans. On March 5, Fernandez’s attorney, John Shubin, forwarded an email chain from October in which he submitted a written proposal for what Fernandez calls the Flag of Gratitude.... The last email in that chain was dated Oct. 29.
Actually, five months ain't bad, considering the stiff arm Fernandez got the last time he tried to push this through.

Let's hope this project gets off the ground -- it seems like a win/win for the City (after the appropriate hands are greased).
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  1. A giant flagpole is about as effective as slapping a "support our troops" sticker on a car. How about diverting the money for the giant flagpole to organizations that help returning veterans who suffer from depression, PTSD, etc.?

    If you want to see a giant American flag, there's one outside my window at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd.

  2. Or go to a car dealership.

  3. Spencer's WorldMarch 9, 2015 at 3:12 PM

    Emptying your email mailbox every day is key to a successful law practice. "Make it your own" by Spencer "the hammer " Aronfeld , p. 34.

  4. Vets don't need a flagpole. They need jobs and a properly functioning VA

  5. Shumie annoys me. But I love THE REN (a venue)

  6. Great, a giant phallic symbol for godflacker and his boys to dance around on the winter solstice, while dressed like cheerleader flamingos on steroids and meth.

  7. Those guys you refer to contribute to our society more than you ever will. If they want to show some pride and come out if the shadows, more power to em!

  8. @6:59

    Meth? Steroids? What is this, 1992? Really you must get out more.

    Signed from the doorway of my all night nudist vegan man-ogamy. Did I say vegan? Well only if you don't count the Cuban chorizo.

  9. Is salt okay of you are vegan? Otherwise may be a little bland.

  10. If SW would only write his own blog it would be the biggest hit of the year. Think Apple Watch big.

  11. Empty symbolism

  12. 9:23 -- but that's our favorite way to honor the vets!

  13. How big is Spencer's flag pole?


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