Spencer Aronfeld is Worried About Cruise Safety!

I'm not sure what else you need me to type right here.


  1. Cuba is dangerous!

  2. Why is this law firm different from all others?

    Passover is coming Mi Amigos, and that means sharp edges on the Matzo that can cause choking and sweet macaroons that aggravate those of you who are a bit hefty and pre-diabetic (I am just itching for a class-action shot at the sugar companies. Or should I say the drug pushers?).
    Cruising is dangerous. So are religious holidays in which our people fled the Pharaoh.
    Don't endure plagues. If you are hurt or injured by locusts, poisoned blood water, bugs, boils, etc., call us now. Gentile lawyers are standing by to answer the phones this Friday and Saturday.

    That is why this law firm is different from all others.

  3. Genius as always.

  4. I damaged my penis's foreskin doing limbo on the Lido deck.... who can I sue? Help me Spencer Aronfeld, you're my only hope!


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