Watch Spencer Receive a Referral Fee!

I must say this is a new one, at least for me.

Sal, you nailed it and Spence -- wait to stop chewing before you go up to receive your check (that must have been a good bagel!).


  1. Come here kid...I'm gonna loin ya sometin. You loined the two greatest lessons in da woild. Foist- you never rat on your friends. Second- you never speak to da cops. You hear me? Never rat and never tell dem notin.

    Now here, I got a little somein for ya. Stick dis in youir pocket and if anyone asks you, you don know nuttin? Got it? You don know where you got dis. OK? Now scram.

  2. Synergistic and symbiotic. Let's make the world a better place, together.

    Cap Out .....

  3. I'd like all of us to put down our food for a minute and get on our feet an give a big hand to our birthday boy and lets bring him down here and get this party started!!!!

  4. Money ain't for nuthin and the chicks for free.

    I want my Spencer TV I want my Spencer TV I want my Spencer TV

  5. Absurd. Bar should look at that.

  6. He's money baby!


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