3d DCA Blah dee dee Blah Watch -- This Post Has Been Hijacked by Candice Bergen!

So it was slim pickings anyways do you really want to talk about quashing service of process?

Why not talk about the elegant, beautiful and always graceful Candice Bergen?

Sure she won her share of Golden Turkey awards in her day (remember when Michael Medved was just a lovable nerd film buff?), but she's always been a class act.

She's making the rounds with a new book, and has been granting some interesting and revealing interviews.

I love Bergen's comment about the aging process and women:
Now 68, Candice Bergen (in her daughter Chloe's apartment on New York City's Central Park West) tells PEOPLE she "noticed immediately" when men's attentions began to fade as she aged. "People were always lovely to me, but suddenly they were polite in a way they never had been before," she says. "I thought, wait a minute, what's going on here? I just sort of simmered quietly, trying to figure it out. You adjust."
Candice, you're just as sexy, smart, thoughtful, and attractive as you've always been.

(HINT:  Call me!)


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