3d DCA Watch -- Rainy Days and Bunkers Always Let Me Down.....

Are you wet and wild for some concrete slabs of bunker love?

(Did I just write that?  Sorry Mom, but that's $200+ thousand of your higher education dollars at work!)

Let's scoop up the detritus:

Gonzalez v. Barrenechea:

What is Raoul Cantero doing handling a bad AC installation dispute?

Oh I see -- the house has a rental value of $15.5k per month.

Interesting discussion on loss of use damages, with a dissent in part by Judge Suarez.

City of Miami v. JP Morgan:

Judge Shepherd ascends to his water, aggregate (rock, sand, or gravel) and Portland cement perch to lecture inform Judge Fernandez on the proper role of an appellate court.

Must have been awkward in the mechanical room/gym this morning!

Ruffa v. Saftpay:

Why wouldn't you pay attorneys' fees to a (potentially) prevailing party in a unpaid wages case that was tried to verdict?

Judge Rothenberg explains that the case evidently was a tie!

Hessen v. Schimmel:

A lawyer named Robert Schimmel got into a dispute with his former law firm.

Robert Schimmel?

That guy was a madman! (may he rest in peace).


  1. SFL: superb first line!

  2. Hansel v Gretel

  3. It's rainy where you are? Hmm, well it's sunny & warm up here---finally. You're always welcome to visit. :)


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