Late Post-Pesach 3d DCA Watch -- (Yawn) So Yes the Bunker Emitted Something.

Are you excited for Monday?

Me neither:

Judge Gersten scores a win before his former colleagues for heavy-hitter Lennar:
The record and case law demonstrate that the trial court did not abuse its discretion by entering a default against Marsch due to his numerous willful discovery violations, which included the deletion of relevant emails, the concealment of material witnesses, lying during depositions, providing false testimony before the trial court, and much more.
Ok, but what exactly did he do wrong?

Law v. Law:

Great name for a case!

Trial judge reversed and 57.105 fees awarded against law firm in divorce case gone bad.

TRG v. Sifontes:


There's a lawyer on this case named Abe Vigoda!

Oops, my mistake -- I'm advised the lawyer is actually Jay Yagoda.

My apologies, Jay!


  1. "So let it be written; so let it be done."

  2. Abe Vigoda was a sex machine.


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