Bigger, Better, Stronger, Safer!

Spence says you've got to go bigger, stronger, longer harder and safer:

All kidding aside, I'm relieved to hear Dina (Spence's better half for sure) is ok and all is well in the Aronfeld household.

(Note to SA:  the spermatozoa-print tie is a subtle touch!)


  1. Since no one's yet commented, I'll be the first too--

    Happy Monday, SFL.

    Hope you're well.


  2. The bigger the Spence the harder they fall.

  3. Bigger is better.
    The bigger the car the better.
    The bigger the cookie the better.
    The bigger the settlement the better.
    The bigger the law firm, …uh..umm…


    Hi. I'm Spencer Aronfeld.
    Bigger is usually better.
    The bigger your car, the better to keep you safe. Like the Ford F-150 truck. It's big, it's safe, it's…

    Director : CUT Uh Spencer baby, Ford got slammed in roll-over lawsuits a few years ago.

    Hi I'm Spencer Aronfeld. Have you been told that bigger is better? I'm here to tell you that is not always so.

    The bigger cookie has more sugar. Which leads to diabetes which leads to heart disease. If you've been damaged by a big cookie, call me. I want a piece of that f'ing Keebler Elf.

    DIRECTOR: CUT. Perfect Spencer Baby. That's a wrap for bigger is better. Ok, up next is, "When the condom fails in the car on the way to the cruise ship. There is one attorney for the case."

  4. I love Spencer's World!


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  6. Cindy baby. Va va va voom!! Call me honey.

  7. Wrong. Please consider the increased maneuverability and decreased stopping distance of smaller, lighter cars. These prevent accidents, and also decrease the risk of injury to other drivers and pedestrians posed by large, heavy "SUVs".

  8. He's married???

    I am heartbroken...

    Was hoping I had chance.


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