Game, Set, PIZZI!

Almost $400k in legal bills later, Miami Lakes has decided to throw the damn towel:
“I am instructing my attorney to issue the appropriate document to the Third District Court of Appeal, informing them that I will not be appealing their ruling,” Slaton said during a press conference held in Town Hall.
Boy, all those fancy lawyers have got this guy all turned around -- I'm pretty sure the "appropriate document" to be "issued" is called a "notice."

That'll be another $50,000, Mr. Now-Former Mayor!

Let's look at the numbers:
Meanwhile, the town has spent $378,805.22 in legal fees since the legal battle began.
This breaks down to:
▪ $121,109.41 paid to Gastesi & Associates, the law firm that represents the town.
▪ $233,020.81 to Akerman, the firm representing Slaton.
▪ $24,675 to Gelber Schachter & Greenberg to represent Tejeda-Castillo.
Isn't it funny when lawyers and/or judges complain about other lawyers' legal bills -- "how could it be so high," "what work could possibly equate to that amount in fees," etc. -- fellas, quality representation doesn't come cheap.

This is what it costs in the real world (or at least in Miami Lakes).

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  1. So is the boxing match between Pizzi and the Hialeah Mayor back on?

  2. $233K to Akerman? - that's ridiculous! That's a full yearly salary of two associates.

  3. They had to file one appeal, that is ridiculous!

  4. I don't think it is that ridiculous. Excluding any lobbying or white papers to the Governor's office, they had to file briefs before the Fla. Supreme Court, Circuit Court, and 3d DCA.

  5. He should insist payment be made in cash slipped inside a newspaper.


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