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Judge Cooke: Welcome to Post-Racial America!

It's no secret I'm in love with domestic worker United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida Marcia Cooke -- she's superlative in every possible way.

But I'm willing to attribute this horrific career-ender to Bay Harbor Islands town council candidate Kenneth Eskin just having revealed what's in his soul an off day:
Eskin, 69, is running for a seat on the Bay Harbor Town Council. The election is April 21.
He said he approached Cooke on Tuesday morning while she was putting things away in her car and asked what family she worked for. He said he was trying to pass out campaign leaflets in the parking lot because he was not allowed inside the condo building.

Eskin said that he had no idea who Cooke was and that he had made an assumption because of the town’s racial makeup. Bay Harbor Islands is home to 5,854 people, 92 percent of whom are white.
Sure, everyone makes assumptions!

Plus 92 percent of Bay Harbor Islands is white -- everybody there makes that mistake!

Amirite, Bay Harborites?

Like I said, it just wasn't poor Kenny's day -- he also asked Judge Altonaga to hurry up and get him his coffee, and wondered when Judge Martinez was going to be able to wax his Benz -- the guy has a tight schedule!

Darn, this assumptions-thing is hard!

Oh well, tomorrow's another day -- the campaign trail waits for no one.

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  1. Really sad and pathetic.

  2. The only thing left for this fool to do is to withdraw his candidacy.

  3. Is this still April Fools?

  4. If I could afford to do so, I'd give up my day job and sign on to be Judge Cooke's body guard/chauffeur/chef/car washer/gopher and personal assistant. I'd have to draw the line, however, at the whole book club thing.


  5. If she would have me, I would quit my law firm and be her permanent clear.

  6. Her name is Cooke right? What Should she expect ? If her last name was Doctor things might be different.

  7. This is quite common. I was working in one of Miami Beach's finest establishments and Oprah was our guest for a week. Every day she came in for breakfast and every day my other regulars sat next to her chatting away. When the week was up I said to my regulars, "So, you're all buddy-buddy with Oprah Winfrey now." They looked at me and said,"Who?" I said, "Oprah Winfrey, one of the biggest stars on TV." They looked at me and said, "Really, we thought that was someone's maid."

    At least they were nice to her when they thought she was a maid.

  8. I'm glad that Judge Cooke went to social media with this ridiculous encounter. What a stupid, arrogant thing to say to a stranger, let alone a federal jurist.

  9. It could have been worse. He could have added,"I'm not prejudiced. Some of my best friends are black."


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