Magistrate Judge Brown to Preside Over Michael Pizzi Mayoral Lawsuit!

In a surprise ruling, the Florida Supreme Court today appointed retired federal Magistrate Judge Brown to preside over the contentious dispute between former Miami Lakes Mayor Michael Pizzi and his beloved town:
"We're looking for a judge who can take the temperature down a notch," said the Court in an unsigned opinion.  "The last thing we need is a toe-tapper of a trial.  That would be AUDACIOUS!"
Wasting no time, the Judge has already scheduled an "out of the blue" evidentiary hearing on the value of the damaged yacht.


  1. nice april fools

  2. Congratulations to Jim Nabors on his recent marriage!

  3. So great .

    Brown would be the perfect hearing examiner to blow that case up and write a raucous recommendation to the judge.

  4. OMG I thought Jim Nabors was dead and Godfucker was being snarky. He's alive and kicking, 84 years old, and married a guy named "Stan" in 2013. God bless 'em.

  5. I've never fucked God but I did date a guy named Jesus. Huge cock.

  6. The 3 DCA helped a plaintiff.
    April Fools.


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