Shocking Footage from Inside the Courthouse Yesterday!

There's been some discussion yesterday on Rump's blog about possibly improper behavior by a local judge.  There has been no confirmation of any of the allegations.

These are always difficult issues, and I feel Rump's dilemma as he sorts out how best to proceed with this story in the interests of fairness and respect for all concerned.

Luckily, a tipster has provided actual, real-time footage of the alleged incident, so you can evaluate for yourself:

The commenters are right -- that judge has to go!


  1. Where'd you get that video of motion calendar at the Coral Gables District Courthouse and Stripmall?

  2. Please report on this. I mean, can you at least say what the allegations are, and that you can neither confirm nor deny them?

  3. I agree with P. Guyotat. A judge was helped off the bench by another judge, apparently. Who and where? That is news enough.


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