So Who Is This Hired Gun?

Happy Monday, it's just another run of the mill day in South Florida with your usual bogus penny stocks, underage sexual trysts, murder plots of key witnesses, and a "self-made" supposed millionaire throwing money around South Beach who (allegedly) turned out to be a complete swindler and fraud:
He boasted a curious array of businesses and personal interests, owning dozens of properties, a beauty salon and an emerging oil company purportedly primed to tap a Texas gusher — not to mention a really impressive collection of Nike sneakers.

But that engaging and eclectic facade masked a dark side.

Barnett, 40, has never been convicted of a serious crime but police, former associates and court documents paint him as a penny-stock con artist who scammed millions of dollars, mercilessly stalked enemies and lured an underage teen into a tryst on South Beach — by posing on Facebook as a Hooters waitress offering big bucks and a Rolex to bed a rich guy.

That guy, Miami Beach police say, happened to be him. And, they say, he never paid up.

Police documents released last month allege that Barnett — jailed since 2012 after the duped teen reported him to police — even plotted to have his young accuser murdered while he was behind bars.

Welcome to South Florida, suckers!

But I was definitely intrigued by this part:
John Young, an Ohio investor, said that many people were lured in by Barnett’s affable nature and frequent company updates on online message boards. But as the months dragged on, he said it became clear the company was a scam. Young said Barnett used the threat of lawsuits to keep investors quiet.

“He used a lawyer as a gun. He sued practically everybody he came into contact with,” said Young, who lost more than $200,000 in stock purchases.
Hmm, so who is this mystery lawyer?

Tips welcomed!

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  1. Bottom feeder probably.


  2. The Captain reports:

    You may have missed this part of the story:

    "According to an arrest warrant, Barnett in the fall of 2013 approached a fellow inmate with plans to kill ..... one of his ex-lawyers."


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