Do you have your masks and snorkels folks? Whatever you do, don't call it climate change!

This isn't just about the environment and the first video gives a good overview of some of the legal issues.


  1. This clearly needs more attention, and should really be one of the main, if not THE main issue in political decisions and elections in Florida in the foreseeable future since it has such a tangible, immediate impact on its citizens. You can no longer deny sea level rise if it is literally in your back yard. The Rolling Stone article last year was great, but we need more publicity on the national scale. The South FL housing bubble from a few years back will become the housing "gurgle" before too long when coastal landowners find themselves literally and figuratively underwater, with no potential buyers in sight. Im glad to see the government of Miami Beach leading the way, but we can't stop there if we hope to preserve our great (and terrible in many respects) city.

  2. Will get to the bunker tomorrow if it's not underwater by then.

  3. Judge Tjoflat just blew up Engle litigation. Obstacle preemption.


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