And She Dropped the Mic!

Attention would-be judicial quoters, pop-culture referencers, and those who try to crack the funny, wry, witty, or ironic when donning the robes of authority, this is how it's done:
A rose by any other name may smell as sweet. See William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet,” act 2, sc. 2. People, not so much.

Seriously, this is the gold standard.

Wow, I suddenly feel elated going into the long holiday weekend.

Thank you Judge Bloom!


  1. "Litigation is not a forum for plaintiff's self-discovery."

    Judge - wanna join our wee band of bloggers? You're HIRED !


  2. Happy Friday, SFL. :))

  3. It is indeed a great line, and one can certainly understand the Court's frustration with the plaintiff. But, reading the full opinion, I'm struck by the huge gulf between the Court's (and the law's) expectations of the plaintiff and the circumstances in which undocumented workers from entirely different cultures find themselves.

  4. The opinion lacks compassion.

  5. Sorry SFL, she tried to pull a Carnes, a Goodman, or a Rosenbaum but fell flat. Her focus is on the plaintiff's use of many different names and fake ids. It makes sense that an illegal alien plaintiff may have problems stating his name, he probably doesn't know which fake name he used to get this job. The real issue - which was not discussed - is whether the plaintiff was the person who in fact worked for defendants and was not paid wages.

  6. He smiled so I got up and' asked for his name
    That don't matter, he said,
    'Cause it's all the same

    Joan Jett - I Love Rock N' Roll

    Guess it's not all the same

  7. Hmm, let me review it again on the merits (I was really just focused on the turn of phrase).

  8. Having reviewed, while I'm sympathetic to 12:37 and 3:23's concerns, it seems to me the Judge was really frustrated when she tried to clear thing up at a hearing, even directly questioning the plaintiff, yet essentially got nowhere and he flipped a new name out at his deposition.

    She seems to recognize the predicament of undocumented workers in situations like this but here perhaps the plaintiff just took it too far.


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