BREAKING! Florida Supreme Court Tackles Thorny Issue!

You can read about it here.
The Florida Supreme Court is set to consider a rule that would require all judges to wear solid black robes without embellishment during judicial proceedings.
We are all for less embellishment from our state court judges, but we got to thinking: isn't the robe less important than what's under the robe? You know - legal acumen, judicial temperament, life experience. So we here at SFL compiled additional considerations for the Court.

Bowties: no. Unless Alvin Davis, Paul Rashkind or Ben Kuehne don the robe.
Thongs: yes. Unless Alvin Davis, Paul Rashkind or Ben Kuehne don the robe.
Shoes must remain shined at all times. No sneakers. No sensible shoes. No tiny tasseled loafers.
Louboutins: yes. Please.
Silly ties: no.
Shirts: pressed.
Plaid: never.
Keep the beard neatly trimmed. (Milt.)

We could go on.

Speaking of sartorial elegance, I'm off to prepare for my upcoming hearing before Judge Ungaro.


  1. Well done!

    I'd be wary of any judge wearing these buttons:

    "My other robe has an executioner's hood!"

    "Ask me about Herbalife"

    "Want to play hide the Venetian Salami?"

  2. I was watching Game of Thrones last night and I thought it would be cool if a judge wore that brooch that Littlefinger (Lord Baelish) wears on his tunic.


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