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Disney = Death! (Also: Happy Memorial Day!)

"You may leave from Mars, you may leave from Uranus....."


  1. what an asshole.

  2. Happy Memorial Day, SFL. :)

  3. Spencer"s WorldMay 25, 2015 at 8:43 PM

    Now we're talking.

    3:29, jealous.

  4. Spencer"s WorldMay 25, 2015 at 8:49 PM


    a-r-o-n-f-e-l-d mouse.

    spencer aronfeld mouse
    spencer aronfeld mouse
    when you need to sue disney
    you need to make the mouse a louse

    who's the leader of the club
    who's made for you and me
    spen-cer aronfeld

    Hi. I'm Spencer Aronfeld.
    I'm not afraid of no mouse.
    Hurt your back on space mountain?
    CALL ME .
    Slip and fall in it's a small world?
    Roto Virus on a bug infested Disney Cruise?

    When you need to sue disney, there's nothing funny about it.
    CALL ME.

  5. A couple observations.

    1. Spence looks like he's been binging. The suit is wrinkled. Bags under the eyes.

    2. Skipping the gym. He looks like a sausage, stuffed into his bar mitzvah jacket. Whomever gets shot with that button when it pops will sue him. Face is puffy.

    3. Who folded his pocket square ?

    4. The hairline is receding.

  6. why doesn't he have someone to hold an umbrella so that ill-fitting suit does not get wet? maybe it shrunk in the rain?

  7. It takes an army of people "responsible for his image" to make him look like a dude who buys one suit a year off the rack, never has it cleaned, and it fit him 29 pounds ago?

  8. A picture of a true "dipshit".

  9. haters gotta hate

  10. Lol....losers gotta lose.....

    Poor guy....doesn't know he's an ass clown

  11. A true ass clown who brought his mommy and daddy to a contempt hearing before Judge Simon. A whimpy little prick with no jury appeal or talent.

  12. The road can be brutal. LA, Orlando and NYC in a week.

    No wonder Spenny looks a little tired. But by the new car he's driving--he's laughing all the way to the bank.

    Haters gonna hate...

  13. What a low rent hack . Joke of the bar . No respect . A self hating buffoon.

  14. what ever car he is driving was probably bought by his mommy and daddy. This guy is a total jerkloser. and a disgrace to the bar. I doubt he has any clients and the few who would hire this asshole are brainless and will lose their case anyway.....

  15. Amazing how jealous other peoples suuccess can make people. Keep it real Spencer, ignore the haters.

  16. Ignore the haters Spency!


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