Hondling for Depositions (or Deposition Hours)!

The defendant wants another 49 hours from seven witnesses (including a corporate rep), the plaintiff wants zero -- time to hondle:
For the reasons outlined below, the Court grants in part and denies in part Patheon’s motion. Patheon may take one seven‐hour 30(b)(6) deposition and may take a total of seven hours of deposition from one or more of the six fact witnesses mentioned in Patheon’s motion. Thus, Patheon will be able to take 14 (not 49) hours of additional depositions. The depositions will be in Miami.
Wait --so now it's like a Chinese buffet -- one corporate rep and then conceivably one+ hour each from six more witnesses?

The defendant will be hungry in another hour!

Question -- who won this motion?


  1. Breaking!

    Miccosukee tribe fires Bernardo Roman III as its lawyer and requires tribal police escort off the reservation!

    E stay toon!

  2. actually the math adds up in bernie's favor . . . if you were a ham and schlepper would you sell your law license for a couple of million a year for 4 or 5 years? bernie's lifetime earnings were just made in one in clump. hopefully banked and lived tight the last few years.

  3. when meester romans gots into twoble with honorable shush....


    the anchor man, taking down everyone around him

  4. cant wait for the perp walk for that little criminal.

    man, did he rape the Indians.

    wait until it comes out how much money he has stolen/embezzled from them.

  5. Hope he has malpractice insurance. Although that won't cover his fees for his federal criminal defense lawyer.


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