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It's (Reportedly) True -- The Tribe (Reportedly) Fired Roman!

It appears the commenters (reportedly) had it right:
The Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida has fired general counsel Bernardo Roman III and his firm, which, along with the tribe, have been involved in a number of controversies in state and federal court recently, according to a court transcript obtained by Law360.

In January, U.S. District Judge Marcia G. Cooke ordered Roman and the Everglades-based tribe to pay more than $1 million in sanctions, calling the attorney's behavior “egregious and abhorrent” in a failed embezzlement case against the tribe's former chairman Billy Cypress and its former attorneys.

The tribe is currently appealing both the sanctions order and suit’s dismissal to the Eleventh Circuit.

Roman told a Florida state judge in Miami on Thursday afternoon at the start of a telephonic hearing in a Miccosukee related lawsuit against its former accountant Jodi Rae Goldenberg that the tribe had just informed him of its decision that morning.

“We have been notified this morning, a few hours ago, that we no longer represent the Miccosukee Tribe and that I am no longer their tribal attorney,” Roman told Circuit Judge John Thornton during a case management conference

Roman said that he and associates Yesenia Fatima Rey and Yinet Pino of the Law Offices of Bernardo Roman III, were waiting until Monday to file a motion to withdraw to give the tribe an opportunity to decide upon new counsel.

Roman told the court that he was not aware of whom the tribe was considering as a replacement.

“Your honor, this was so sudden that I can represent to you that as far as I know they have not contacted or been contacted by anyone,” he said.

That doesn't sound too good.


  1. Write the check, Roger....

  2. Karma, to him and his two SNAKES!

  3. Flotsam and Jetsam

    Dumb as posts

  4. Angel Cortinas and William Hill . Next .

  5. Jay? Jay Weaver?

    Don't you realize that everyone understands that you perpetrated a fraud with Roman and abused your position?

    After writing to hurt these guys, you have not reported one thing about the falsity of the claims against them.

    Smells like malice. Hope you have a lawyer fund set up for yourself.

  6. Maybe the should hire Cali

  7. Details ! What's the baksis for his firing ?

  8. I bet the over under at 6/5 that bernardo roman III 's associates flip on him within a week after he receives the target letter from the us attorney's office.

  9. What a little punk

  10. That smell....that whole gasoline smell. It smelled like ..... victory.

  11. As the cubans say...tremendo arroz con mango.

  12. ''I don't think there is justice in these courts. The judges are often not even lawyers, and more importantly are paid by the tribe. They usually follow the tribe's position in judicial matters,'' said Whittlesey, who is involved with a wrongful death suit against a Miccosukee tribe member in Miami-Dade court.

    The Miccosukee court hears criminal, civil, juvenile and traffic cases. Its modern building is next to the police department by the tribe's Tamiami Trail administration complex.

    Bert, Osceola and other judges hold court on the first Monday of every month. Neither Bert nor Osceola is a lawyer. Bernardo Roman, a Miami lawyer who started his career as a Miccosukee court clerk, serves as the legal advisor. He sits next to the judges.

    The court operates under one basic assumption: Indians never lie to each other, Osceola said.

    ''That's our No. 1 taboo -- you can't lie,'' Osceola said to visitors.


  13. The basis for firing is in the investigator's report for the Florida Bar. Someone - this blog perhaps - needs to run with it. At the very least it may be the most entertaining document you read all year.

  14. Bernie will miss his pastelitos, in FDC.

  15. Sounds like "no quarter" for Bernardo Roman III. He has lost every case, been fined a million dollars, been charged by the Bar, is under investigation by the federal district , has lost his job. What's next, jail? Lol.

  16. Who is this Bernardo Roman guy and how did he get such a lucrative representation in the first place?

  17. Once upon a time
    Bernie Roman bilked the Tribe
    Karma is a bitch


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