The Army Behind the Man.

It's often said that the logistics operation behind D-Day was the largest ever attempted in human history -- the sheer scope and massive nature of the historic liberation of Europe demanded unparalleled planning, resource allocation, and deployment of material, weaponry, and millions of soldiers on a scale never before seen and never since repeated.

The slight-of-hand, ingenuity, labor, dedication and sacrifice required to put Spencer together is much like the bloody invasion of France -- see for yourself:

Too much?


  1. "The stylist responsible for my look."

  2. Fashion & law-- gotta love SFL's blog!!

  3. Mario...tell us...

    M: "do you know that j designed the jacket worn by the guy who James Bond killed in the opening scene of Casino Royal?"

    "And now you have me speaking to this fucking guy? Catzo! I think I am going to fucking jump into traffic right now."

    "And this courthouse, I swear I thought it was a strip mall and that I was going to a pannera bread...Mama Mia!"

    "Shit! I could have been a contender! And now, I dress this fucking guy. Forgive me Papa, I did bit mean to disgrace the family. Forgive me Papa!"

    S: "Sai, ho una imparare l'italiano"

    M: "I kill you!"

    [fade to black]

  4. @7:31: thanks for the laugh.

  5. "i'll take the red and white stripped sports coat, white pants, tan shoes, blue tie and yellow shirt with pink hanky. Deliver it to me at the Fountainbleau. I will be poolside playing gin with my friend Goldfinger. Also three mauve shirts and two pair of spats. Put it on my tab."

  6. What an asshole. He dresses like a piece of shit. I would not be caught dead wearing the disjointed crap that this loser wears.


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