"Would You Like Rudimentary Legal Help With Your Vodka and Muffin"?

I've long advocated for vodka-and-muffin kiosks, where a harried businessperson, walking into an office building from a long, bruising morning commute, can simply down a chilled shot of vodka and pick up a ginormous muffin to help ease into that morning grind.

These kiosks would be strategically placed throughout South Florida, wherever lawyers congregate, such as strip clubs but also outside our local courthouses (think a hipper, newer version of Sally Russell's!).

And now we can add a dollop of legal assistance to the vodka-and-muffin pick-me-up:
People needing help with divorces, foreclosures or child support could use public computers at libraries, shopping malls or courthouses as a type of legal "triage" under a proposal approved by the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice.

Also, nonlawyers could provide courtroom assistance to poor and middle-income people under another idea considered by the panel, the brainchild of Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga.
"Would you like a no-fault divorce with your berry-flavored Stoli and pumpkin mega-muffin"?

I really like how that rolls off the tongue!


  1. I miss Sally Russells.

    And the 1800 Club.

    And Judge Nesbitt.

    Ah hell I'm calling it a day and hitting the beach.

  2. I've had vodka & truffles but never vodka & muffins, hmm.....I may give it a try on the weekend. :)


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