3d DCA -- Summertime and the Livin' is Easy!

Only three written utterances from the bunker this week -- output has drizzled, fizzled and shrunken like all the best parts of summer:

Like this one.

In Venetian Salami Co. v. Parthenais, 554 So. 2d 499, 502 (Fla. 1989), the Florida Supreme Court articulated a two-step analysis to determine whether personal jurisdiction exists over a nonresident defendant under section 48.193 of the Florida Statutes. “A court first must determine whether the complaint alleges sufficient jurisdictional facts to bring the action within the ambit of our long-arm statute. A court then must determine whether sufficient minimum contacts exist between our forum state and the defendant to satisfy the Fourteenth Amendment’s due process requirements—in short, whether a nonresident defendant ‘should reasonably anticipate being haled into court’ in Florida.”
Come on -- Venetian Salami requires no introduction -- it's like putting a sign in front of the Fontainebleau forcrissakes!!!

Happy Hump Day!


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