3d DCA Watch -- Epic Conflict By Legal Giants (This Will Be Very Interesting!)

Sheesh how often do you see this lineup?

The case involves Turnberry, it's an appeal of a Judge Thornton order, and here are the players:

Podhurst Orseck and Stephen F. Rosenthal; Colson Hicks Eidson and Roberto Martinez and Curtis B. Miner, for appellants.

Holland & Knight and Rodolfo Sorondo, Jr., and Ilene L. Pabian; Kenny Nachwalter, and Richard H. Critchlow, Jeffrey T. Foreman and Michael A. Ponzoli; Damian & Valori, and Melanie E. Damian, Mary Claire Espenkotter and David M. Carnright; Richman Greer, and Alan Greer and Joshua L. Spoont, for appellees.

Let's read the opinion!  What's the case about:
After careful consideration of the briefs, the record, and oral argument, we agree with the thorough and well-reasoned opinion of the able trial judge, and accordingly, affirm the judgment entered below.
Well that explains everything!


  1. A sure sign that summer is here.



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