How Much Value Does an Order Have, Really?

Especially if it is Judge King.

And especially if you are asking Judge King.

My guess -- enough to not vacate the order as a condition of settlement:
On that final note, this Court rejects the parties' low estimation of the harm that would result from the requested vacatur. Bancorp makes clear that a species of harm necessarily results from depriving the public and the legal community of judicial precedents, which are Siipresum ptively conrect and valuable.''' See Bancorp, at 26-27 6 Under the ordinary circumstances of this case, the (quotation omitted). parties' desire to settle does notjustify the extraordinary relief of vacatur.
Also, this is an interesting case where the 11th sent the parties to mediation a year after oral argument.

Happy Monday, suckers!


  1. instead of "done and ordered in chambers of the James Lawrence King Federal Courthouse" Judge King should be entitled to:

    "done and ordered in da house"

    fo shizzle my nizzle


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